About this report:



Sourcing Journal surveyed 93 people across the apparel, accessories and footwear industries on their views about product quality, the impact defects have on the market and the ways in which processes need to evolve.

The online survey was conducted from August 10, 2018 to August 27, 2018. The participants were recruited to participate through email invitations that were sent to the entire Sourcing Journal readership.

About the respondents' employers:

  • 24 percent are employed by retailers,
  • 20 percent work for fashion brands,
  • 16 percent are employed by suppliers and
  • 12 percent are employed by factories.

About the products respondents' businesses offer:

  • 85 percent work for businesses that offer apparel,
  • 40 percent work for businesses that offer accessories,
  • 26 percent work for businesses that offer footwear,
  • 22 percent work for businesses that offer textiles
  • 20 percent work for businesses that offer hard goods.

About the products respondents' positions and areas:

85 percent were in management positions, with 59 percent in C-level/top management roles. The respondents were involved in all facets of sourcing (55 percent), production (37 percent), product development (37 percent), quality (27 percent), R&D (27 percent) and supply chain (26 percent) roles.


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