About this report:

Inside this study you will find the following key insights from the quality inspection industry: 

  • The overall state of quality control: concerns about the industry, companies, price pressure, and delivery times.
  • 98% of companies consider price pressure a challenge industry-wide.
  • A failing grade: Companies’ own ranking of their current quality control procedures shows there is much room for improvement.
  • On average, companies grade their supplier's quality control procedures at 6.8/10.
  • Areas in need of innovation: Corrective action plans, Inspection transparency, Data analysis. 
  • Only 14% of companies have their Quality Control and Inspection processes fully digitized at the factory level.
  • Roadblocks to Improvements: Quality control procedure investments are often slowed by internal processes.
  • Half the companies are aware of the changes they need to make, but 21% have no plans to invest in this area. 

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